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Nanjing Well Health Sci-Tech Co.,LTD
Nanjing Well Health Sci-Tech Co.,LTD is a subsidiary of Well Pharmaceutical Group(a publicly listed company), integrating relevant resources inside and outside the Group. By chemical/physical/chromatographic/enzymatic methods and other advanced technologies , we significantly improve the separation and purification of Ω 3,6,7,9 fatty acids. The breakthrough in modification of structural fat and carbon chain extension by special enzyme, industrial production technologies and equipment,product cost performance, sustainability production effectiveness and capability are at the leading edge of the industry.  Our products of MUFA,PUFA,VLPUFA are in the position to meet the high-end professional needs of therapeutic formula food,functional food,pharmaceutical , bioscience and cosmetics industry.
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R & D Center
Well Pharmaceutical Group Research Institute
Since its inception, Well has always focused on the customized development and production of safe, healthy and environmentally friendly chemical and pharmaceutical materials. Using the wisdom of Weir people, we will build a professional intelligent factory to achieve green and safe production in the whole process, and serve human health through green products.
Resource Allocation

Nanjing Well Health Sci-Tech Co.,LTD is

Well Pharmaceutical Group's (Stock code 603351) holding subsidiary

Health matters! Lipid works!


But how to develop and produce high-quality lipids for human well being?


It needs resources!


It needs abilities to “2Rs”


1.Research and develop


2.Realize the project


It can only be made possible by cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art facilities.


Well pharmaceutical group research institute in Nanjing and laboratory in Wuhan provide abundant  technology resources and support; Well pharmaceutical technology co.,ltd enable us to manufacture high-quality products in compliance with high standards.

  • Industrial production team with rich experience and expertise
  • Strong strength from listed companies
  • Self-developed and eclectic cutting-edge technology and a united innovation team
  • Advanced industrial production facility in Nanjing
  • Leading multi-purpose laboratory and pilot-scale standard workshop
  • Rich global trusted partners